Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cloudy Meatballs vs Croods

So I guess you also heard lots about Cloudy with chance of meatballs....

Which is a great name for the cartoon and just a great name:) but it so wasn't a great cartoon. Maybe I was not the target audience... but I love cartoon maybe even more than actual films .. But this.

They were trying to be funny and even edgy with the whole sardine issue and a washed out child celebrity character. The monkey was funny, so was the father with communication issues.... and the spray on shoes, but...it was lacking a magic... Now however few days before that I have watched the Croods and that was magic.

The Croods were funny, engaging and very very entertaining. Also last few scenes were super touching. And I want that cat for a pet! Some might not like that it was translating modern things into cave age, but it was cute. Not studio Ghibli cute but cute none the less.

Oh and as you gathered this already The Croods are the winner in my books!

I would definity recommend the Croods to watch. It's on Netflix, watch it. It is lovely!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Catering and Hospitality/Madhatters/We r all crazy here

Hotels can be amazing, grand, horrid and simply disappointing... and don't I know it I have been working in this industry for almost 10 years... Gosh!

One thing is for sure, you never know what the day might bring, regulars are fun and we are all crazy to work in hospitality industry... Especially when the policy is not to tip, I need to work in US!! 

So the only film actually that been about the hotels, was made back in 1993 For Love of For Money, aka Concierge. That cute film with Michael J Fox. 

The of course there were Whites tv series with Alan Davies about the cheffing life, and Kitchen Confidential  which sadly got cancelled. But it was oh so very good, by the way read the book and think twice to mess with people who handle your food.

It is not the obvious choice for a film to set, the industry is taking for granted. It is actually work to look/sound/be happy to see you all the time. I actually get really grumpy at times at home, just because I saw way too many people in one day.

But back to Budapest.... 

It is marvellous... Cute.. Hysterically funny... Made beautifully... And oh so very arty! I supposes you cannot expect less from Wes Anderson the man who gave us Moonrise Kingdom just few years ago. 

Actually another remarkable thing about these two films that the actors are the same... How cool is that!! Very Joss Wheadon :)

Ralf Finnes' character is remarkable mad hatter of the industry. Admittedly very over the top, but oh so true. 

Story involves, death, art, inheritance... and very dramatic. 

This film is a must see. And I will not be telling you the story. This film is just too good to miss... 

It made me want to go vintage shopping, eat cake, paint and read Stefan Zwieg on who's work it has been based. 

Watch it! Watch it now!!

Oh and this is definitely one of the strong picutes to be the favourite film of this year!

Written by Daria while scouring eBay for some vintage gems.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quick Impressions: Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety No Guaranteed is an independent movie by who recently landed the massive job of making the next installment in the Jurassic Park series Jurassic World. But the reason I was drawn to it when it appeared on my recommended queue on Netflix was the involvement of who plays Darius an intern at a Seattle Magazine, who along with reporter Jeff and s fellow intern Arnau, investigates an ad in the personal ads looking for a partner to travel back in time.

 Who could resist?

Plaza has a unique acting style that has grown during her time on Parks and Recreation which she employs here as she plays a 21 year old who has been stumbling through life seemingly always on the outside looking in. This is a theme that runs throughout the film as each character is struggling to understand there place in the world. Even Johnsons ultra confident and cocksure Jeff is shown to be vulnerable and unsure of himself as his side story develops.

The three go to find the person who placed the add and try and get a story about presumably a nut job who thinks that he can time travel. They find Kenneth who at first glance seems to fit the bill and when Jeff's attempt to become Kenneth's partner in time travel fails it's up to Darius to get close to Kenneth and get the story.

Darius and Kennith

What follows is a beautifully paced story of friendship, love, loss and understanding as Darius and Kenneth become friends and open up to each other about their reasons for wanting to go back in time. I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two leads which is largely down to Plaza who's has a natural quality to her acting that perfectly suits the mood of this movie. Scenes between the two as they get to know each other are both funny (hand gun & martial arts training) and moving (the camp fire scene) and their growing relationship goes along hand in hand with the elephant in the room...Can Kenneth actually travel in time?

So if you have an hour and a half to spare and fancy a charming, funny and moving movie then I recommend giving Safety Guaranteed a watch.

Written by
Owen whilst listening to the wonderful Welsh weather outside aka wind & rain!

Monday, February 3, 2014

It's alive!!! ALIVE!!

With all the super sad and meaningful films around I decided that I cannot be dealing with it, so I watch something light... I, Frankenstein... I actually seen it twice. And I think now I know how I feel about this film. 

So when I saw this for the 1st time, I knew I enjoyed visual... It was a bit Gothic, dark, beautifully executed, good effects, good looking actors, amazing location and an interesting plot.... But there was something that was bothering me. 

As you know I am a sucker for a main dude, who is misunderstood, preferably half nude and involved in some fights, muddy with swords. So I am biased a bit... 

Victor Frankenstein had created a human, reanimated him. Then though, poop, what have I done, must kill that thing... Well thing did not die, but took revenge on his maker. By doing so he came across some demons and gargoyles. 

The whole story kicks off when Adam (main dude with sexy abs) goes back to the cities to hunt instead of being hunted. Good action scenes all around, some of them a bit sloppy I though and were not choreographed properly, but eye catching. 

However, after watching it today I can tell that there are some faults or things were too simplified... Such a, big evil by Bill Nighy, been called by name to clarify it for the viewer when it was actually dead obvious, and the last scene... WTF! That's like that scene from the 1st Spider man movie with Toby Maguire when Spidey show next to american flag, beyond cheesy! 

Another thing I though was a bit strange for film sake, "most trusted" guard or a fighter makes a silly move. I think there should be more to story, that he loves the Queen, that would make sense. But that story line was not developed. Film seem to lost bits of it in the editing room, looks like there were a lot of things altered and taken out. I think it should have more stories between characters...

But it is still a spectacular film, visually could have been like not boring Zach Synder film!

Well, I definitely more interested in Aaron Eckhart, he did not have many lines but he had a lot of looking into the camera looks. And these abs!!

 And I actually want to get my hands on this graphic novel.... :) 

I would definitely see it again, but its one of these films I really enjoy... 

It was kind of like Buffy the vampire Slayer, but you know Adam the demon descender... 

Written by Daria, simply because I cannot wait any longer for Owen to contribute! Hint! Hint!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Best female character ever... is Katniss Everdeen

Out of all the new young Hollywood bright things at the moment my most favorite remains for a 3rd year running Jennifer Lawrence! But however I saw her in only few things, Hunger games and X-men for now, big plan is to catch American Hustle in cinema and finally watch Silverlining Palybook.

There are not a lot of film there the lead is female, only few in face. The industry is dominated by men... So when something like Hunger Games appears it takes us by storm. Frankly the 1st installment of the Games left me feeling bit shaken by violence of it, blood, sadness and how messed us Suzanne Collins' universe is. I also did not feel like reading the books, but second film changed all that!

Then again it is one of our favorite topics, books into films...

I did not see the film until it was almost done and over with in the cinema, literary went to see it just before Christmas. I was blown away!

Katinss and Peeta are winners... but what did they really win? Life fool of nightmares and guild, life that they have to lie about what they really want... well for Katniss this is more accurate. Peeta loves her, she's not so much. Oh the triangle that every young adult writer exploits! Even my ever favorite Mortal Instruments...

But there is a change in the air, there is hope... But The President will not let this happen. I guess everything goes down to power struggle.

I do not want to ruin anything for you guys if you are into hunger games... So I shall try not to revel much. But ever so sorry in advance if I do.

Katniss is strong independent does how she pleases... until it has been discovered, and the President can have anyone killed. Anyone!
The tour that the winners must do all over all the districts and pay respects and blah blah PR things, is actually ever so scary and so very much what is happening in some places on Earth. But I had tears in my eyes when Katniss talked about Roux, and about how unfair the games are. People of Panam want to express their feeling, but the government butts in and kills ones who dare to defy them and their rules. Such a scary notion, make you think of Wikileaks and Edward Snowden, right? (Maybe its just me over-thinking things).
Inevitably there are 75th Hunger Games and all the old winners are drafted. Katniss is back in the games....

She is my wonder woman! She is strong, athletic, beautiful young woman. She is also what every girl, well most girls, I hope, want to be independent and free. And yet still she looks like a real girl, with curves and a cross bow, which apparently she keeps under her bed (Vogue told me so)

Last scene is just Jennifer's face looking into the camera after she heard the horrific news... Eyes full of revenge and defiance. And that was the moment when I realise I must read these books!

Written by Daria... I do have a girl crush on her!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I love cartoons

And once again... As you know I loooove cartoons and I can talk about this forever! Previous posts on this theme here, here and here... Frankly holidays are the best for cartoons. All channels are getting they animation on, there was Flushed away, Graffalo's Child, Snowman and Snowman and snowdog, Film 4 even showed Spirited away.

There is also the traditional holiday feel good film out in the cinema and of course I went to see it, and they do re runs of cartoons during the holidays!

This post is about Frozen and Justin and the Knights of Valour....

When the Frozen goes into the beginning one gets this Scandi feeling, also the fact that there are Fjords, snow and great scandi names like Sven. Turns out this cartoon is actually based on Snow Queen by Anderson, loosely based but that was foundation of the Frozen.

It is a beautiful and shiny Disney film, songs, dancing, magic and uber cuteness! However the love from the 1st sight proved to be not real and at some point there were kids crying in the audience. No one told these poor munchkins that Disney films tend to be happy ending all around.

I actually did not know what to expect what to expect from it, but I giggled and got really sad in few moments... It was cute and I really think its another girly cartoon, not sure the boys will appreciate it as much, I mean the older boys. Wish Owen would offer an opinion on that??

Today I finally today I saw Justin and the Knights of Valour... One things, Antonio Banderas is soo freaking funny!! It is a Knights tale with fast food. Yeah they made a story with some modern life flare, which was actually rather cute in the end.

It was kind of like the The Knights Tale but in  cartoon version and less lame.... Oh and the flying Gustaf the crocodile is sooo funny!!

The big question is would I see these cartoons again... Well yeah, I love cartoons, but I do not think this might be in a near future.

Written by Daria while drinking tons of tea to keep warm...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Italian mafia vs Mexican drug cartel

So in last two days I have seen two very different films but with the same theme... Mafia.

The Counselor and Family...

But two very different kind of mafia... (yes, feel free to tell jokes about Russian Mafia:)) but in both cases, mafia was unnecessary violent.

The counsellor... when you see the cast like that you just have to go see it. I don't think it was a box office winner... I actually did not quiet get it I guess. Now that does not happen very often. Actually this never happens.

The opening scene... the sex scene made me so uncomfortable and I so wanted to be Penelope Cruz at that moment in time. By the end of the film I really did not want to be her...
This film was a great thing of script and dialogue, a dialogue, well more of monologue, porn really... Too good. And Fassbender... Oh Fassbender... you feel for the guy.

I guess that film had one message.. No matter how smart you are it is nothing if you are super greedy. There was no history. Just that moment in time and that everything has consequences every action... But I guess when dealing with mafia one should know better Counselor. I think |I might need to see that film again but I do not think I would have patience for it.
Counsellor is like Dangerous Method, great film but just bit too slow and not much happening... Beautifully done but not a mass success.
Oh but Cameron Diaz proved to be a real gem in it, I have never seen her like that. Wish she would get more roles like the one in this film. Amazing and so deliciously evil!!

But Owen nailed opinion about this film in one word... Underwhelming! Yes I agree!

And today I went to see less scary and more dysfunctional mafia people. The Family.

Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfieffer... Oh so silly, funny and full on Luc Besson. I should have guessed he did this film. Action packed and slightly over the top drama with daughter.

The Family is more user friendly... with humour then the Counsellor is more true I guess.
The mafia films are always too real for me to watch... I guess The Family is a pleasant exception... well and the locks stocks and smoking barrels, but that is a very British film there fore something entirely different.
Family has more humour in it, therefore makes it more entertaining... but otherwise it would have been a very dull and grim story.
To conclude... I probably will see the family again... maybe with my step father, he would think it is funny. The counselor I would see with my very dear friend Owen, he would appreciate it for its esthetical value and magical actors' work.

Written by Daria while consuming oysters and wine