Tuesday, August 20, 2013

something I really look forward

Recently I had a lot of time to kill during my trip back home, so I read. I finally finished Hobbit and know to bring a tissue to the next films. I have started last True Blood book, but feel too sad to read it since it is the last one and there will be no more southern supernaturals, so I thought I'd give Mortal Instruments a try...

Do not get me wrong it is no literally masterpiece and surly not a Stieg Larsson, but it is fun. And I am in love with Shadowhunters. I very much look forward to the film.... 

I really have no expectations.. I just want to see pretty people in a pretty story. Twitter gave me this link..

Isn't the Institute just magical.... and isn't Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) just an under-aged sex on legs... in leather trousers?!

I look forward to see how the world came alive in this film, how the actors became these fun and sometime strange characters... I want to see the interpretation of the book and the story. 
By the way I am half way throw the second book already. 

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