Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm bullet proof... nothing to lose (Pitch Perfect)

Everyone on Twitter been raving about pitch perfect for quiet a while... I guess popularity of Glee had the impact on the all singing and dancing films we saw lately. 
I actually never seen Glee, and think I never will. Not for me I guess. 

So I finally watched Pitch Perfect yesterday.... I have seen trailer like thousands of times, but when it was in the cinema I was either at work or watching The Hobbit (yes, I have seen Hobbit like 4 times), and I always thought it looked decent, not fantastic, but good enough to spend time to watch it. 

It was amusing, right?!
I have to say that it was actually better then I expected. Few moments were actually very witty and funny, so inappropriate at times. But it was also very feel good film, bit 90's rom com feel about this: in the situation some geeky dude will sing a song and save the day. Very cute!
I do think it is aimed at teens and young adults. I actually hate that term young adult. 
But it does make you dance and sing, I am actually glad no one was at home but my pets, and they can't complaint about my singing:)  
It is also make you believe in girls' friendship... Anna Kendrick was super lovely in it, despite her forgetting her alternative ways and embracing the a-capella group. 

My favorite character in it if Fat Amy. She is sidesplitting funny. Rebel Wilson is now one of my favorite actors! 

"Sometime I think I can do crystal meth and then I think maybe not..."
"we are going to have aca children"

The scene that gave me goose bumps (yes I am that lame!) is the auditions, they did put a lot of talented people together and kudos to them!
Also the final singing thing with Bellas.. Oh so good! and very cheesy... 

It is a feel good film, would highly recommend it when you feel down. Cheered me up a treat!

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